The HumbleStrong Manifesto

1. We believe:  Good Leaders are not lone “gurus”; they are chief learners, who learn together with others.

2. We believe:  Growth in leadership is slow and requires experimentation, failure, and grit. There are no quick fixes.

3. We believe:  Leadership skills and abilities are learned; they are not fixed ‘talents.’

4. We believe:  Healthy and sustainable achievement requires building teams that rely on each other, not just on a star player.

5. We believe: Our world needs the principles and knowledge of transformational leadership available to everyone if we hope to conquer the challenges before us to create a global economy of prosperity and shared freedoms.

6. We believe: A foundation of heathy well-being is the key to sustainable growth and execution.

7. We believe:  Organizations operate best with a shared set of principles and systems that are externalized, revised, and open to correction by team members. Lone-wolf “superstars” can never move beyond themselves to achieve enduring greatness.

8. We believe: Leadership development should flow from evidence based learning that is continuously corrected and expanded by the best research available. Rather than following a single mentor or school of thought, we embrace criticism and learn from broad sources.