The HumbleStrong Manifesto

1. We believe: A leader is not a guru, but Chief Learner, who learns together with others. #nogurus 

2. We believe: Growth is slow and requires experimenting (failing, with validated learning) and Grit.

3. We believe: Skills and abilities are learned, not fixed ‘talents’

4. We believe: Healthy sustainable achievement requires building teams that rely on each other, not a star player.

5. We believe: Transformational leadership principles and knowledge should be freely available for everyone.

6. We believe: Well-being provides the engine to grow and execute sustainably without regrets.

7. We believe: We need to move from “best practices” and ‘guru knowledge’ to principles and systems we all can test, improve, and revise together in an idea meritocracy

8. We believe: In continuous correction and evidence based learning, from the best that is out there.